Posted on April 26, 2016 at 11:14 PM


WATTSAVE is a platform that can monitor and control household electricity usage for every devices.


increasing of electricity cost make household spends much money. why was it happened? there are three factors that affected to increasing of electricity cost : (1) lacking of supervising for electricity usage from household, (2) families usually leave home without check whether all power is turning off or all power still turning on, (3) there are no tight regulation to control electricity usage in household by government


Many features can be done by using this system such as (1) getting watt usage information, (2) calculating daily, monthly and annually cost of electricity for each devices that connect to WATTSAVE. (3) Turning on or off devices with two methods : manually method (push button via Android devices) or automatically method (by using alarm system). (4) receiving statistics of device usage respectively. (5) reporting devices usage to government and communities via open data portal.


We use hardware, software and data to accomplish this project. for hardware, Raspberry PI 2 will be used as the brain of whole system as well as Arduino as the second brain to access analog system. Relay will be used to whether turning on or turning off electricity current. Wireless ESP8266 is the mandatory components for all the teams, so we use it to communicate with outside such as internet and intranet. Real time clock is a best solution to determine clock that useful for alarm function. For sensor, we use current sensor ACS7212 to detect current so we can determine watt consumption accurately. Because our system consits of three part (hardware, software and data), we have to create robust Android software that can monitor and control hardware.


Because we are still trying to finish this project, we can not publish further information. for more information, please contact our team at http://octanproject.com




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